Corporate Social Responsibility


Since its establishment two decades ago, Asian Power Devices Inc. has been contributing to the society by making donations on a regular and irregular basis, taking part in social care events, independent assistance cases, industry-government-academia collaborations and charity sponsorship, in the hopes of implementing corporate social responsibility with our professionalism and strength. In the future, Asian Power Devices Inc. will proactively introduce volunteer service system for our employees, and encourage them to set a good example of a socially responsible corporate by encouraging employee participation in volunteering.

APD Group has always been upholding the principles of honesty and integrity in all business activities and strictly forbids corruption or any form of fraud and bribery. We clearly understand that bribery and corruption acts will damage the legitimate business interests of the company. Therefore, APD Group is committed to enforcing anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies at all levels of its business operations. We also expect all our employees and business partners will join this cause.

Corporate Sustainable Operation

Participation in social care 

Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition

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