Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition

Asian Power Devices Inc. promises to uphold the 《Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, EICC》code of conduct, and proactively demand its suppliers or subcontractors to practice the EICC Management System, comply with regulations, respect workers’ rights, and provide safe and healthy work environments in order to prevent occupational hazards as responsible employers, while at the same time being environmentally friendly, guarding moral standards, and protecting intellectual property.


Free choice of employment

Young labor

Working time

Salary and welfare

Human treatment


Freedom of Association

Health and Safety

Occupational safety

Emergency preparedness

Occupational injury and occupational disease

Industrial hygiene

Laborious work

Machine maintenance

Public hygiene and accommodation

Health and safety information


Environment permit and report

Pollution prevention and resource efficiency

Damaging substances

Sewage and solid wastes

Exhaust emission

Substance control

Storm water management

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission

Moral Regulations

Sincerity management

No unlawful profits

Information transparency

Intellectual property rights

Fair trade, advertisement, and competition

Identification protection and retaliation prevention

Procure minerals responsibly


Management System

Corporation’s Promises

Duty and responsibility of management

Legal and customer’s demands

Risk evaluation and risk management

Goal of improvement



Employees’ suggestions and participation

Inspection and evaluation

Correction measures

Documents and records

Responsibility as a supplier

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