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PrimeVOLT’s New Lightweight High Efficiency PV Inverters Debut at Energy Taiwan 2019

PrimeVOLT has introduced numerous flagship new PV Inverters, fully demonstrating the R&D and production capabilities of Taiwan.

100% Taiwanese Manufacture and Service PrimeVOLT Launches Multiple PV Inverters

PrimeVOLT took advantage of its local service network as well as qualified products that are entirely made and designed in Taiwan.

Seizing Opportunities in Green Energy Development PrimeVOLT Inverters Meet Market Expectations

News coverage: DIGITIMES, … The global development in green energy has come under the international spotlight. Setting the goal of a capacity of 20GW for solar energy by the year 2025 shows the emphasis the Taiwanese government puts on green energy development in its non-nuclear power policy. Due to Taiwan’s high population density and limited […]

PRIMEVOLT is Set to Attend the Energy Taiwan 2019

At the Energy Taiwan 2019, PrimeVOLT will showcase its new String-type models. In addition to models with restyled exterior appearances, more compact dimensions, lighter weight, higher efficiency, and better cost-effectiveness, 60kW and 75kW flagship models are also going to be debuted.

Intersolar Europe 2019 – Taiwan Innovative Product Launch Conference
PrimeVOLT Receives Unmatched Attention Hot!

PrimeVOLT, based in Taiwan, has been devoted to the development and manufacture of on-grid PV inverters for many years, and attaches great importance to the European market.

Successful Application of PrimeVOLT PV Inverter in Creating Water-Based Systems

PrimeVOLT was invited to share its success and experience in planning and installing inverters in the water-based projects.

Interview with PrimeVOLT:Service and Localization Essential on the PV Market

(Source:EnergyTrend) Taiwan’s PV market has shown a lot of promising growth in recent years. In 2017, its total PV power output hit a record high 1.69 billion Kw/hour, while its total PV installation capacity exceeded 1 GW by the end of the year. This year, a growing number of vendors will begin to shift their […]

APD Group was featured on CTITV’s news magazine show

Specialization and in-depth R&D in key technologies pushed APD to become a leader in power electronics and renewable energy and helped APD to achieve sustainable development.

Unlimited R&D Innovation
APD Group — winner of China’s “National Grade High-tech Enterprise” Recognition

As a leader in the power electronics and new energy technologies field, APD Group has continued to pursue technological innovations. Recently, APD Shenzhen DK Inc. under APD Group has also won China’s “National Grade High-tech Enterprise” and “Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise” certifications, which showcase the affirmation of its R&D results. APD Group has always focused on […]

PrimeVOLT – sole supplier of Made-in-Taiwan inverters

PrimeVOLT – sole supplier of Made-in-Taiwan inverters People automatically think about leading brands are come from Europe or the US when it comes to solar power inverters, primarily because Europe and the US happen to be the focus regions during early developments of solar power markets, and also achieved rapid advancements in power systems. More […]

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