Awards and Honors

PrimeVOLT products can effectively reduce harmonic current pollution and voltage fluctuations caused by PV output.

All of the products have passed the strict German TÜV test and verification standards, as well as the German VDE-AR-N 4105 and VDE 0126-1-1/A1 on-grid verification. It can provide the best safety guarantee for any system.



VPC (Voluntary Product Certification)

PrimeVOLT have passed VPC (Voluntary Product Certification) in July 2018, and PrimeVOLT is expected to pass the certification for the entire series of models by the end of 2018. In the future, PrimeVOLT will put forth grid-connection PV inverters with even larger capacities, which will also be coupled with quality services.

VPC 證書


VPC (Voluntary Product Certification)


PV inverter from PrimeVOLT

The No. of VPC (Voluntary Product Certification) 2018


The Top-Most Design Award For Worldwide Ethnic Chinese  Market

Golden Pin Design Award

  • 2013 – PrimeVOLT, APD’s subsidiary for new energy business, was honored with Golden Pin Design Award for its products

With many years of experience in design and manufacturing, PrimeVOLT has been creating products that enjoy excellent stability and utmost perfection and have received the top-most Golden Pin Design Award for worldwide ethnic Chinese  market from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Golden Pin Design Award

PV inverter from PrimeVOLT

Received the national-level Golden Pin Design Award from Industrial Development Bureau,

Ministry of Economic Affairs ( IDB, MOEA )

An Authoritative Magazine For The World’s Photo-Voltaic Industry.

Photon International Evaluation Report

  • 2013 – PrimeVOLT received the best testing result from Photon International

“Featuring a sleek and elegant look with a simple internal design originated from Taiwan, PrimeVOLT’s 10kW pv inverter is amazingly awesome and proves that such a design would not cause any concern of temperature rising, as is monitored by the full-loaded thermal-imaging device” remarked Photon International, an authoritative magazine for the world’s photo-voltaic industry.

Photon International Evaluation Report ( full report PDF )

( PV-10000T-U_Photon Nov. publishment.pdf )

Quality Management System Certification

PrimeVOLT’s long-term compliance with industry regulations, its pursuit of superior quality, accurate and rapid R & D and manufacturing as well as timely feedback services has won customer satisfaction and trust. Since the announcement of the new edition of the ISO 9001 international standard, we have continued to pay attention to the changes and requirements of the latest standards. Through a process-oriented concept, we have integrated strategic planning and operation management into our quality management system. In April 2018, we obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate, which strengthens our foundation for providing customers with stable products and services.

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