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PrimeVOLT can provide suggestions on the most suitable models according to your case plan, such as residential, small, medium to large, and floating models, etc.

Residential Roof Type Models
( Under 10 kW )

The planning principle must cater to the requirement of narrow space and high-density living environment.

PrimeVOLT has four types of single phase models, namely 3kW / 4kW / 5kW and HV-5kW. We are able to flexibly integrate various 3~10 kW system capacities, and are suitable for overall plan of residential roof types.

Spots For Small Models
( Under 100 kW )

Resilient and reliable, and able to endure harsh installation environment are the planning considerations of spots for small models.

Most spots for small model are under 100 kW, and mostly are three-phase four-wire on grid environment; these spots are usually under harsh installation environments, such as chicken coop, pigpen, farmhouse or even underneath the panel, and PV inverters must be able to withstand high temperature, high humidity and maintain stability under dusty environment.

PrimeVOLT has three PV inverter models, 10 kW / 15 kW and 20 kW. They are easily applied to a combination of various capacities.

Spots For Medium and Large Models
( Under 500 kW )

Availability and overall cost are the primary planning considerations of medium and large models.

Medium and large model systems care about investment returns the most, and PrimeVOLT’s Three-Phase On-Grid PV Inverter has high volume in power generation and high stability. It is the best choice for your spot planning.


Three phase solar inverter generating capacity and high stability of the PrimeVOLT.

It is your best choice for planning the floating type.

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