Spots for medium and large models

Availability and overall cost are the primary planning considerations of medium and large models.

Medium and large model systems care about investment returns the most, and PrimeVOLT’s Three-Phase On-Grid PV Inverter has high volume in power generation and high stability. It is the best choice for your spot planning.

PrimeVOLT three phase inverter has the following characteristics

  1. Low unit cost:Cost/kW is similar to other mid-range inverters on the market or even lower
  2. More MPPT TRACKER controllers:Taking a 200kW system as an example, a centralized design would have roughly 1-6 MPPT Trackers but PrimeVOLT’s 10kW design would have 40 MPPT trackers. This reduces the panel mismatch probability to the lowest and achieves higher power generation with lower luminance.
  3. Easy to install:PrimeVOLT’s 10kW model weighs only 24kg and the 15kW model weighs only 27kg, allowing easy installation by 1 user and reduces installation labor cost
  4. Higher power generation:As the inverter can be directly installed below the panel, DC line loss is reduced and the shorter line greatly increases the MPPT accuracy, hence enhancing power generation.
  5. Reducing demand of land area:There is no need to designate a specific area for the regulator, hence allowing more space for solar panels and enhancing capacity.
  6. Easy centralized management:Free cloud based monitoring system that allows for remote control once online (wired or Wi-Fi).

Xiaying Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan
Xiaying Dist., Tainan City, 300K

Lunbei Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan
Lunbei Township, Yunlin County, 465 kW

Yuanchang Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan
Yuanchang Township, Yunlin County, 360 kW

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