Presenting technologically advanced medical power solutions,
APD grabbed attention at CMEF 2019

News source: DIGITIMES

Taiwan-based APD showcased a full range of high-quality cutting-edge medical power solutions at China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF 2019) a global event for the medical devices market, which concluded on May 17 in Shanghai. As a leader in medical power solutions, APD has a proven track of record for building customized power solutions for global medical device manufacturers. Its products have earned praise from medical device manufacturers at home and abroad for their outstanding reliability and performance.

According to Rax Chuang, general manager of APD’s power system business group, APD is an expert in medical-grade power supplies and a long-term partner with leading medical device manufacturers worldwide. With increasing public awareness on health issues in China, the quality of healthcare is catching public’s attention. As a wide range of technologies are being applied in the healthcare industry, the medical device market in China is expected to enjoy a period of robust growth with device reliability being a top consideration.

At CMEF 2019, APD presented multiple power solutions designed specifically for use by medical device manufacturers in CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), oxygen concentrators, humidifiers and surgical equipment, all compliant with the high reliability and low EMI requirements for medical power solutions. In particular, the 80W/24V power supply used in CPAP features high peak current – supplying up to 9Amps (270% of rated current) of power for up to 1.5 seconds. It meets the peak current requirement by most CPAPs in S/T mode. These technologically advanced products attracted attention of CMEF visitors. Leading medical device manufacturers also approached APD to inquire on these products and exchange views on market conditions.

APD grabbed attention at CMEF 2019

The manufacturing of medical devices requires a high level of expertise. APD is able to combine its expertise in power supplies and medical devices to deliver power solutions with a high level of customization tailored to suit medical device manufacturers’ products. Furthermore, APD’s power solutions are produced using flexible smart manufacturing process to shorten the lead time. With advanced safety laboratories compliant with UL, TUV and Nemko standards to enable in-house certification, product certification now takes only half the time it used to require, accelerating time-to-market for customers. APD’s R&D center in Shenzhen provides premium quality power solutions and convenient support to local customers. APD will stay committed to the research of critical technologies and strive to bring the most competitive power solutions and services to customers around the globe.

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