【Medical power supply】Wide adaptability of the power supply of home medical equipment to the power supply network

APD is experienced in the development of wide input voltage design. Regulations for internal design and verification have been formulated to provide you with a wide input voltage solution with high price-performance ratio and stability.

【Networking Power Supply】Design with High Surge Test Reliability

Surge test, officially called Surge Immunity Test, corresponds to the international standard of IEC 61000-4-5.

【Medical Power Supply】Key Technology of Ventilator Power Supplies

Medical power supplies have a wide range of market applications.…

【Networking Power Supply】
CAE Optimized New Generation Power Supply

With the arrival of the 5G technology era, the demand for new generation network communication servers, exchangers, and small cells has seen explosive growth.

【Medical Power Supply】Effectively Overcoming Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues

As medical devices experienced rapid growth in recent years, market competition is more intense than ever.

【Networking Power Supply】Fanless Power Supply Design Enhances Power Conversion Efficiency

With the development of global 5G technology, the demand for high-speed servers and switches is going to increase dramatically within the next five years.

【Medical Power Supply】The Home-Care Medical Power Solution in EMS

In recent years, the medical device industry has seen rapid growth. As a core component of medical equipment, medical power has also embraced a golden development period. From small, wearable medical devices to large X-ray machines and CT scans, power systems play an integral part in their functionality.

【通信ネットワーク用電源】スイッチング電源の ISN 測定

【Networking Power Supply】 Learn about the Criteria of FCC Part 68

【ネットワーク通信機器用スイッチング電源】 FCC Part 68 規格について

FCC Part 68 はFCC(Federal Communications Commission)米国連邦通信委員会が有線電気通信端末装置について制定した規格です。米国向けに輸出される通信機器製品はすべてこの規格の要求に適合していなければなりません。 FCC…