【Medical Power Supply】Effectively Overcoming Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues

As medical devices experienced rapid growth in recent years, market competition is more intense than ever. This means that the shortening of product R&D cycle and the rapid acquirement of market share are two critical steps in successful business operations. During the development process of a new product, security and safety certification is usually the most crucial stage of the whole cycle. Electromagnetic compatibility (such as radiation, electrostatic discharge(ESD), electrical fast transient, etc.) issues are one of the more frequently occurring challenges.

During the product development process, clients might be unable to implement early stage testing and adjustments for their respective systems due to limited facilities and human resources, resulting in:

  • Unexpected adjustments needed during the certification process, which may delay the project’s overall schedule as well as product launch.
  • Very limited adjustment time and the inability to quickly identify the most optimal solution, therefore forced to adopt quick solutions by means of increased costs; subsequently decreasing product competitiveness.

As shown above, early stage testing and adjustments are essential. Asian Power Devices’ comprehensive solution makes electromagnetic compatibility adjustments based on the clients’ system, therefore helps clients pass electromagnetic compatibility certification in the shortest time possible.

Facility capability:
Asian Power Devices possesses a complete set of professional electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment, including an EMC chamber, a set of conduction testing equipment, two electrostatic devices, three lightning surge simulators, an electrical fast transient (EFT) device, and a set of near field probe equipment. Asian Power Devices’ laboratory equipment satisfies the majority of needs in the present market and can conduct rapid early stage testing and adjustments for the clients’ key projects.

  • Electrostatic device (ESD): Up to ±30KV test voltage
  • Lightning surge simulators (Surge): Up to ±15KV test voltage
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) chamber: Conducts rapid early stage testing and adjustments
  • Electrical fast transient (EFT): Up to ±4K test voltage
  • Near field probe: Fast locks interference source and speeds up the adjustment process

Research and development capability:
Possessing a state-of-the-art technology center, as well as an unrivaled research and development team, Asian Power Devices aims to develop solutions for advanced technology and electromagnetic compatibility issues. When it comes to electromagnetic compatibility, Asian Power Devices has formed a set of comprehensive design guidelines. This allows Asian Power Devices to assist its clients in early stage testing and adjustments, while also offering professional consultation on specific problems and issues, thereby helping clients complete their electromagnetic compatibility adjustments.

Technical expertise, know-how, and experience:
Asian Power Devices has accumulated extensive experience in electromagnetic compatibility adjustments. It has helped numerous enterprises carry out electromagnetic compatibility adjustments for radiation, conduction, electrical fast transient and electrostatic discharge(ESD), etc. Adjusted systems include CPAP machines (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), nebulizers, humidifiers, and oxygen generators.

Successful Cases of Client End Electromagnetic Compatibility Adjustment:

Client System category Area of problem-solving
Client A High-flow humidifier, CPAP machines Radiation, conduction, electrical fast transient, electrostatic discharge(ESD)
Client B CPAP machines, portable oxygen generator Radiation, conduction, electrostatic discharge(ESD)
Client C Blood pressure meter, CPAP machines, oxygen generator Radiation, conduction, electrical fast transient
Client D CPAP machines Radiation, conduction, electrostatic discharge(ESD)
Client E CPAP machines Radiation
Client F High-flow humidifier, CPAP machines Radiation, conduction, electrostatic discharge(ESD)

Asian Power Devices assists its clients in solving all types of electromagnetic compatibility challenges and accelerates the launch of their new products.