【Medical Power Supply】The Home-Care Medical Power Solution in EMS

In recent years, the medical device industry has seen rapid growth. As a core component of medical equipment, medical power has also embraced a golden development period. From small, wearable medical devices to large X-ray machines and CT scans, power systems play an integral part in their functionality.

The growth of medical equipment has also expanded the application of medical power from specific professional fields to everyday household life. Following this change, is the discussion and emphasis on safety and reliability issues, such as insulated and voltage-durable MOOP (Means of operator protection)/MOPP (Means of patient protection), leakage current, audio noise, case surface temperature, EMC, etc.

Furthermore, with the rise in popularity of IoT, homecare medical equipment has evolved to benefit from internet connections, prompting HIS cloud network integration. Within today’s current signal-filled environment, immunity to interference naturally becomes a basic requirement for the system reliability of power supplies. Electromagnetic Susceptibility ( EMS) defined by the Medical Electrical Equipment and Systems Standard (EN60601-1) is the required tolerance for power supplies.

Aside from fulfilling the general standard requirements for ESD (IEC61000-4-2) / RI (IEC61000-4-3) / Surge (IEC61000-4-5), Asian Power Devices can also provide Surge 6kV, ESD 30kV, RI 80V/m or even higher specifications, depending on the client’s unique requirements.

Collaborative development is a form of operation adopted by Asian Power Devices. We divide the labor through discussions between different departments. Examples of these include: the power engineer providing reliable and stable schematic based on the product’s attributes; the layout engineer creating a stable function and low EMI noise PCB layout; the mechanical engineer building an optimized structure for heat dissipation, ESD protection, or EMI shielding.

The medical power products developed by Asian Power Devices have been widely used in medical applications such as CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), oxygen concentrators, humidifiers, medical displays, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors and In vitro diagnostic devices.

In face of the inevitable IoT trend, Asian Power Devices will strive to do anything that is necessary to promote convenient and high-quality life styles by providing clients with stable anti-interference power supplies.