APD Business Groups

Expanding a broader horizon

With twenty some years of cultivating its business in the power industry, APD Group continues to base its core values on RD innovation and expand its business horizon to the areas of renewable energy, in a bid to become a leader in power electronics and renewable Energy. There are currently three major business groups under the APD family:

APD Group offers the most complete power management solution for IT, consumer electronics, network communication, and medical devices, and has been known for its high quality, high performance, low wear-down, and high stability, serving as the best choice for world’s major well-known companies in application for their products.

Asian Power Devices (APD)’s UPS business team has more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing expertise. The company’s solid technical advantage in power supply R&D has made it a long-standing strategic partner for international manufacturers in Europe, USA and Japan. APD’s UPS product series can satisfy the needs of a wide range of applications, providing stable and quality power management solutions for consumer electronics, medical equipment, industrial automation, security monitoring, transportation, and commercial data centers.

Renewable Energy Business

APD continues to devote itself to the R&D, production, and selling of PV inverters. It has been actively promoting and marketing the brand of Senergy worldwide to offer customers high-quality and high-performance products and services through its photo-voltaic solutions, helping customers achieve the most competitive cost and performance for setting up a system.

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