• Quality Management and Environmental Protection

Quality Management and Environmental Protection

Quality and customer orientation are part of the visions of the APD group. We are well-aware that the processes and results of our production or services will cause impacts to parties including corporation owners, customers, employees, suppliers, and society. Thus, APD Group strives to fulfill the needs and expectations of these stakeholders.

By introducing the quality management system, APD Group managed to enhance quality of its products while reducing costs via an effective rules on management. Meanwhile, we also place a greater emphasis on topics related to the environment, including pollution from the production process and control of hazardous substances by the suppliers.

In an era where environment protection and quality management have become common propositions for many countries, APD Group as a top-notch corporation is well-prepared and is continuing to seek refinement for itself.


Policies on Quality

APD Group strives for superb quality of products, accurate and quick RD and manufacturing, just-in-time product and services, as well as continuously refined processes and talents nurturing, to gain satisfaction and trust from customers.

Reliability Testing

APD Group has set up its reliability testing labs in its Taiwan and Shenzhen plants. It is capable of flexibly coordinating lab resources across the two places and adopting to a mechanism based on mutual support.

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