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Networking Power Supply

【Networking Power Supply】Design with High Surge Test Reliability

Surge test, officially called Surge Immunity Test, corresponds to the international standard of IEC 61000-4-5.

【Networking Power Supply】
CAE Optimized New Generation Power Supply

With the arrival of the 5G technology era, the demand for new generation network communication servers, exchangers, and small cells has seen explosive growth.

【Networking Power Supply】Fanless Power Supply Design Enhances Power Conversion Efficiency

With the development of global 5G technology, the demand for high-speed servers and switches is going to increase dramatically within the next five years. As the bt standard for new PoEs (Power over Ethernet) rapidly evolves, the power demand has grown by multiple folds. As consequence, the amount of heat generated is only going to […]

Medical Power Supply

【Medical power supply】Wide adaptability of the power supply of home medical equipment to the power supply network

Life quality and home healthcare become highly valued as the economic level has risen. Home medical equipment is the best trend and choice for people who care about home healthcare. Users of home medical equipment do not have professional knowledge when it comes to operating medical equipment, and the home environment is different from a […]

【Medical Power Supply】Challenges and Countermeasures for Waterproof Requirements

With the rapid popularization of home care medical products, the environments where  medical products are being used have also become more and more complicated. For example, ventilators and humidifiers are gradually being used in homes now. When they are used in environments with higher humidity, they might also get splashed or drenched by water inadvertently […]

【Medical Power Supply】Key Technology of Ventilator Power Supplies

Medical power supplies have a wide range of market applications. Various types of medical equipment often require the power supply system to provide stable, durable and uninterruptible power. APD (Asian Power Devices Inc.) has been deeply involved in the medical power supply industry for many years. The priority of our R&D team is providing the […]

Consumer Electronics Power Supply

【Consumer Electronics Power Supply】EMC challenge under the trend of miniaturization

As technology advances, consumer electronics tend to have lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller designs, due to space limitations. Therefore, in the process of miniaturization, the challenge lies in how to ensure product reliability and conform to relevant international standards. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of electronic devices and parts to work normally around […]

【Consumer Electronics Power Supply】APD new generation cost effective printer power supply

As the demand for bar code printing increases, the global thermal printer market has also gained impressive growth in the last few years. Because of their fast print speed, clear resolution, low noise levels, ease of use, thermal printers have been widely used in bar code printing. Bar codes printed with thermal printers adhere to […]


【Consumer Electronics Power Supply】The power supply of smart learning lamp

Driven by energy conservation and technological innovation, LED lights quickly replace traditional Incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. In combination with the development of smart home devices, there are more and more smart learning lamp manufacturers in the market. These manufacturers claim that their products have no blue light and no strobe. How to select a […]

Customized Power Supply

APD - カスタム電源設計ソリューション

【Customized Power Supply】Impact of Parameter Controls on Yield during the Research & Development Stage

With rising market competition pressure and a simpler PSR primary side feedback circuit being more competitive than the SSR secondary side feedback circuit, an increasing number of power supplies are now designed with PSR circuit framework. However, PSR does has its disadvantages. For example, it has far inferior peak load and dynamic load attributes compared […]

APD -高コストパフォーマンスの電源アダプタ設計実現にいたるまで

【Customized Power Supply】How to Achieve a Cost-Effective Power Supply Design

As we all know, with the increasing demand for consumer products and fierce competition in the industry, all power supply manufacturers continue to focus on reducing product costs. There are many ways to reduce product costs, such as vertical integration of the supply chain, introduction of new materials, introduction of automated production lines, etc. However, […]

APD imports products that fully comply with IEC/EN 62368-1

【Customized Power Supply】APD imports products that fully comply with IEC/EN 62368-1

With the development of audio and video multi-media technologies, the integration of audio/video equipment and information technology equipment has become increasingly high…

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