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【Medical Power Supply】Challenges and Countermeasures for Waterproof Requirements

With the rapid popularization of home care medical products, the environments where  medical products are being used have also become more and more complicated. For example, ventilators and humidifiers are gradually being used in homes now. When they are used in environments with higher humidity, they might also get splashed or drenched by water inadvertently […]

【Medical Power Supply】Key Technology of Ventilator Power Supplies

Medical power supplies have a wide range of market applications. Various types of medical equipment often require the power supply system to provide stable, durable and uninterruptible power. APD (Asian Power Devices Inc.) has been deeply involved in the medical power supply industry for many years. The priority of our R&D team is providing the […]

【Medical Power Supply】Effectively Overcoming Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues

As medical devices experienced rapid growth in recent years, market competition is more intense than ever.

【Medical Power Supply】The Home-Care Medical Power Solution in EMS

In recent years, the medical device industry has seen rapid growth. As a core component of medical equipment, medical power has also embraced a golden development period. From small, wearable medical devices to large X-ray machines and CT scans, power systems play an integral part in their functionality.


【Medical Power Supply】Understand the medical power supply leakage current

With the popularity of home medical equipment (HME), more and more people are exposed to medical power supplies. However, a medical power supply and a consumer electronic power supply are two very different products. The medical power supply must comply with IEC60601 standard whereas the consumer electronic power supply needs to comply with IEC60950/60065 (will […]

APD- Noise-free CPAP power solution

【Medical Power Supply】Noise-free CPAP power solution

With the continued development of the medical industry, more and more people have begun to pay attention to their own health problems, such as the noisy problem of snoring. If you experience this symptom every night, a secondary symptom is lowered personal performance and sleepiness during the day. This can cause chronic diseases such as […]

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