Awards and Certificates

APD Group has been thoroughly developing its business in power electronics and renewable energy industries, and has been manufacturing products that meet the expectation of the world market via its innovative technologies and design.

APD also places a great emphasis on policies for quality and environment by having adopted several ISO certifications for quality and green system through many years, in order to enhance reliability of its products and implement its policies for a sustainable environment. It has been honored with several awards from government agencies and world’s major customers for quality and sustainability of its products.

Unlimited R&D Innovation
APD Group — winner of China’s “National Grade High-tech Enterprise” Recognition Hot!

As a leader in the power electronics and renewable energy technologies field, APD Group has continued to pursue technological innovations. Recently, both APD Shenzhen DK Inc. and Senergy Technology under APD Group have won China’s “National Grade High-tech Enterprise” certification, which showcase the affirmation of its R&D results.

Awards for Supplier Excellence

  • 2021 - Honored with "Top Supplier” Award from JWIPC Hot!
  • 2020 - Honored with "Best Quality Support" Award from CommScope & Foxcoon
  • 2020 - Honored with " Excellent Supplier” Award from JOY TECHNOLOGY
  • 2020 - Honored with "Best Cost Saving" Award from ASKEY
  • 2019 - Honored with "Best Quality Support" Award from CommScope & Foxcoon
  • 2017 - Honored with “Excellent Supplier “Award from SERCOMM
  • 2017 - Honored with "Top Supplier” Award from Silicon Application
  • 2012~2019 - Honored with “Supplier Rating A”, “Top Supplier”, “Excellent Supplier” Award from world-renowned medical device manufacturer
  • 2014 - Honored with " Excellent Supplier” Award from LG
  • 2013 - Honored with " Excellent Supplier” Award from JOY TECHNOLOGY
  • 2012 - Honored with " Top Supplier” Award from AVISION
  • 2012 - Honored with " Supplier Appreciation Award” Award from SEAGATE
  • 2008 - Honored with "Plaque of Appreciation” Award from HITACHI-LG
  • 2006 - Honored with " Business System Awards” Award from SEIKO-EPSON
  • 2002 - Honored with " Strategic Suppler” Award from JABIL
  • 1999 - Honored with " Excellent Supplier” Award from MUSTEK

Awards for Quality of Products

  • 2017 - Asian Power Devices (APD) Obtained CMMI 2 Certification.

    APD Yarongyuan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. passed CMMI 2 (Capability Maturity Model Integration /management-level) certification on September 9, 2017, which means that Yarongyuan Technology has full confidence and is recognized by international authority for its research & development level, research & development quality and project management capacity in power supply product field and now is in step with the international mainstream mode with plan and preparation. It can provide products and services at first-rate technology level and high quality.

  • 2013 - PrimeVOLT, APD’s subsidiary for new energy business, was honored with Golden Pin Design Award for its products

    With many years of experience in design and manufacturing, PrimeVOLT has been creating products that enjoy excellent stability and utmost perfection and have received the top-most Golden Pin Design Award for worldwide ethnic Chinese  market from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2013 - PrimeVOLT received the best testing result from Photon International "Featuring a sleek and elegant look with a simple internal design originated from Taiwan,

    PrimeVOLT’s 10kW PH inverter is amazingly awesome and proves that such a design would not cause any concern of temperature rising, as is monitored by the full-loaded thermal-imaging device” remarked Photon International, an authoritative magazine for the world’s photo-voltaic industry.

Awards for Sustainability of Environment

  • 2018- APD Group received the bronze medal award of CSR from Deutsche Telekom
  • 2007 - Awarded with Eco-Partner Certificate from world-renowned electronics makers
  • 2007 - Awarded with Green Program Certificate from world-renowned electronics makers.

Awards for Plant and Lab Facility

  • APD Safety and Certification Lab

    APD Group has a fully-configured safety lab that features advanced testing equipment and a professional safety team. It is compliant with requirements from ISO 17025 system and has passed authorization testings from certifying agencies such as TUV, UL, and NEMKO as a lab with UL-CTDP data approval and a CB CTF-3 lab. Its range of testings cover information technology and audio-visual equipment.

  • APD’s Shenzhen plant honored by CQC (China Quality Certification) center as the first Type A corporation for Shenzhen area

    As a Type A corporation, APD Group has set a higher requirement for its management, requiring all related departments to strictly follow the “requirement to guarantee  the plant’s capabilities in quality” in implementing a complete management practice and enhancing consistency of its products, as a means of safe-guarding the group’s honor as a Type A corporation.

    APD honored by CQC center as the first Type A corporation in Shenzhen area

Awards for Operation

  • 2020 - Unlimited R&D Innovation APD Group — winner of China’s “National Grade High-tech Enterprise” Recognition Hot!
  • 2020 - APD Group received the integration of information & industrialization Award in China Hot!
  • 2012 - Awarded with Industrial Exemplary Company from Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA, proving its industry exemplary status in terms of business operation.
  • 2005 - Awarded with Excellence in RD Innovation for Small-to-medium Businesses from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of MOEA, demonstrating APD’s RD capabilities.

Other Awards and Honors

  • 2004 - Honored with letter of appreciation from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology.

    APD Group continues to invest thoroughly in education on power systems through partnership with schools, as a continued effort to nurture new generations of talents for the power industry.

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