• APD Group Introduction

APD Group Introduction

A leader in power electronics and renewable energy technology

The electronics industry has seen rapidly-changing developments worldwide, with higher requirements for quality and shorter time-span for the R&D and production that have become the major trends. With twenty-some years of cultivating its business in the power industry, APD Group has become a technological leader in specific fields of applications thanks to its capabilities in high-quality and flexible production and designs.

Under the trend of rapid development for the world’s telecommunication infrastructure, APD’s power products have achieved a noticeable market share among network communication equipment from many countries. In the world’s market for medical equipment, APD Group has become a major partner for major first-tier manufacturers. In the rapidly-developing market for various customer premise equipment(CPE), the products of excellence from APD Group have already become components of high energy efficiency that are both reliable and indispensable.

Solid capability in key technologies

For the endless pursuit of technological capabilities, APD Group has never gone easy on its self-discipline. We know deeply that APD’s most important asset is not its capital but its talents and technologies.

With an engineering spirit that continues to seek refinement and an insistence on technologies and quality, APD Group has poured in a high proportion of its R&D resource to accumulate its professional technological capabilities. As of now, APD Group has become an industry leader in key technologies such as modular design, the proportion of shared materials, automated design for power transformers, product safety and tolerance, and EMC.

Continuous pursuit for quality

Trust of customers comes from our persistent pursuit for quality. In face of the strict requirements on safety for power products, APD Group has never gone easy on its insistence for quality. For many years, the stable and reliable quality for its major lines of products have won consistent trust from customers.

For Asian Power Devices Inc. innovative development is an on-going affair. Regarding the future, APD will continue to develop even more market-competitive products, propelling the momentum of the company forward.

Annually increasing revenues

The constantly innovating APD Group has gathered professional managers and top-notch technological talents from well-known power and renewable energy manufacturers worldwide. With its superb capabilities in management and R&D, it continues to produce high-quality and high-performance products.

In the global market, APD is highly competitive, and its customers include well-known manufacturers from Europe, US, Japan, Korea, and Australia. Under the company’s accurate strategies and efforts for operation excellence, a growth above 10% for its revenues has remained since the founding of the company and has been reaching historical new highs continuously, with a profit performance for the corporation to be proud of in its industry.

Annually increasing revenues
Continuous R&D that focuses on innovation

Continuous R&D that focuses on innovation

APD Group has been actively investing in R&D and manufacturing technology, with R&D centers in both Taiwan and China and a R&D team of more than 500 people. Over 10% of its revenues have been allocated every year for the R&D spending in order for the company to dedicate its efforts on product development and research of innovative technologies.

In recent years, APD Group has been gradually expanding its manufacturing and production base, with two major production bases in Shenzhen set up in 1997 and 2011 respectively. A large amount of automation equipment and testing instruments have been deployed in the two production bases in order to enhance efficiency and quality of the production.

To provide the best service for the customers worldwide as quickly as possible, APD Group employs the world’s first-tier SAP operating platform for its ERP enterprise management software, in a bid to become the best provider for the power and renewable energy solutions.

Actively expanding business horizons

To build a complete map for its businesses, APD Group acquired PrimeVOLT in 2014 and established Senergy Technogy to develop its renewable energy business. It utilizes its leading technologies to focus on a specific area and market while continuing to develop in-depth to acquire leading advantages in industry-related technologies, in order to offer products and technical services that are more differentiated and enjoy higher attached values.

Actively expanding business horizons


With sustainable operation as the purpose, become the leader in technologies for power electronics and renewable energy industry.


Utilize its leading technologies to focus on a specific market. Offer products and technological solutions that are more differentiated and enjoy higher attached values, and become the leader in this market.

Core Values

Customer Focus
Commitment to quality
Team work

Core Values

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