• Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing

Starting from product design phase, reliability testing is a coordinated effort with the R&D department based on product characteristics and features, where the failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is utilized to devise a plan for conducting various simulated tests on product features, user operations, transportation,and storage environment. Coupled with the ability of manufacturing engineering department in breakdown analysis, changes to the design could be quickly introduced to enhance reliability of the products during their production.

After mass production, it conducts the on-going reliability test (ORT) periodically to ensure stability of its production and delivery. Through feedback from the market, along with effective problem solving approaches and statistic simulations, it is able to analyze risk probability for its products and make continuous corrections to the reliability model parameters.

APD Group has set up its reliability testing labs in its Taiwan and Shenzhen plants. It is capable of flexibly coordinating lab resources across the two places and adopting to a mechanism based on mutual support.

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