• Production and Manufacturing Management

Production and Manufacturing Management


To manufacture products of a quality that meets customers’ demands, APD Group has been implementing the following measures of control during its production processes:

  • Greater emphasis on management of production environment
  • Bright and neatly-arranged production site
  • Shortest transport line
  • Reasonable personnel assignment
  • Full testing coverage
  • Real-time production data
  • Tight monitoring on quality

Through continued cooperation with industries, APD Group has been taking initiatives on introducing automated equipment and has been learning from world’s major benchmark corporations that continue to follow the concept of lean manufacturing and strive to achieve the 6-sigma quality for their products by enhancing their efficiency and quality while reducing variations along the way.


To reduce risk to quality of the products, APD Group is working hard to manage traceability of its products, with introduction of the leading manufacturing execution system (MES) that comprise several powerful modules, such as Advanced Data Mining (ADM), Work In Process (WIP), Web Reporting Portal (WRP), and Statistical Process Control (SPC) modules.

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