PrimeVOLT, a member of APD Group for renewable energy and a leading supplier of PV inverters in Taiwan, has been devoted to the development and manufacture of on-grid PV inverters for many years. Owned a most pioneering R&D team in Taiwan, PrimeVOLT is in the spirit of “Rooting in Taiwan and Looking to the World” to expand worldwide markets with ODM partners.

PrimeVOLT’s product portfolio is ranged from single phase 3 to 5kW, three phase 10kW to 75kW with excellent efficiency and reliability. The three phase 10kW has been awarded the Golden Pin Design Award by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA of Taiwan for solar energy and reported by Photon International magazine.

In Taiwan, many of floating solar power stations are using PrimeVOLT three-phase on grid PV inverter- with excellent anti-corrosion against salt atmosphere, high efficiency, and the greatest price competitiveness. All the models from PrimeVOLT are equipped with IP65 aluminum body design without welding process to withstand the severe environment and the high performance helps our customers to get their best return on investment sooner.

PV Inverter Product Portfolio:


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