• Business Continuity Management System

Corporate Business Continuity Management System

APD Group is mindful of constant natural and man-made disasters in recent years,such as financial crisis, Iraq war, SARS, earthquakes, tsunami, and floods, causing crisis such as loss of both tangible or intangible assets for corporations and even impacting the development of industry supply chain and encountering withdrawal of orders by important overseas customers.

Thus, relevant standards have been announced worldwide for corporations to build their Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) to prevent interruption to their business activities and ensure that important business processes do not get affected by major breakdown and disasters. The combined preventive and recovery measures are expected to  lower the impacts caused by risks to an acceptable level.

APD Group is keenly aware that corporations face various potential risks that necessitate preventive actions.
Therefore, it built up its ISO 22301 business continuity management system (BCMS) in 2013,
and set up the BCM implementation team that performs cross-department tasks such as Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Assessment (RA), strategic selection for business continuity,development and establishment of Business Continuity Plan (BCP),BCP testing and practice, etc. It also conducts an annual implementation review during the annual management review meeting and then drafts the BCMS plan for the following fiscal year for continued operation of it in order to reduce impact brought by risks and reduce loss caused by interruption in operation.

PDCA framework for the BCMS system

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