• Policies on Quality

Policies on Quality

APD Group strives for superb product quality, quick and precise R&D and manufacturing, timely delivery of products and services, process and talent improvement, so as to satisfy its customers and gain their trust.

We are committed to provide high quality products and services in a customer-oriented approach and strive for sustainable development through technological innovation.

As part of this Quality Policy, all of us at APD Group are fully committed to the following:

  • “Quality” refers to satisfying customers’ needs, including those for HSF with regard to legal compliance, product safety and effectiveness. Our commitment to quality forms the basis of all decisions.
  • All employees shall commit to undertake initiatives that offer customers better products and services.
  • Product and service designs shall not harm the environment.
  • Only on the basis of innovation and environmental-friendly R&D and manufacturing can we achieve sustainable operation.

The quality management system at APD follows is adopted according to requirements from hazardous substance process management (HSPM) used by International Standards Organization and International Electrotechnical Commission in evaluation of quality for electronic parts, and it acquired verification from ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and IECQ QC 080000 management systems. APD Group carries out in full the practice of consistent saying, writing, and doing according to ISO standards, as well as a spirit based on continuous improvement, where the operation of PDCA management cycle is merged into daily operations management to ensure thorough implementation of its policies on quality.

APD Group is continuing to watch for changes to the new version of ISO 9001:2015, whose standards are formulated according to the higher architecture of the ISO Annex SL management system. The new version of quality management system is set up and implemented under the core concepts of process orientation, consideration of risk, and PDCA management system/process mode as its basis. APD Group is also planning to set up the new version of the standard toward the high-level architecture for the management system, with an expectation that it can be integrated effectively in the future with other systems.

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