APD imports products that fully comply with IEC/EN 62368-1

【Customized Power Supply】APD imports products that fully comply with IEC/EN 62368-1

With the development of audio and video multi-media technologies, the integration of audio/video equipment and information technology equipment has become increasingly high and the line between the two has become increasingly blurred. Regulations, as such, have also been integrated into IEC / EN  62368-1

The IEC/EN 62368-1 standard is a safety requirement for audio, video, information and communications technology equipment and will replace the IEC/EN 60950-1 and IEC/EN 60065 standards. The new standard is not merely a simple merger of the contents of the two, but a new concept based on Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE). This concept has been introduced in the standard, specifically for different hazardous energy sources, raising the safety requirements for different personnel. The enforcement date of IEC62368-1 is 2019-6-20. EU regulations stipulate that after the date of implementation, audio imaging and information technology products can only apply for EN 62368-1 in Europe, and products that do not comply with the new standard are not allowed to be sold in the EU. The North American regulations for the old regulations UL 60065/60950 will remain in effect, however, new applications or changes must make the switch to ANSI/UL62369-1.

The new series of products from APD are all designed in accordance with the IEC/EN 62368-1 standard, which helps the final products pass the safety certification and listing quickly and efficiently, so as to make the products more competitive in the market. APD has an ISO 17025-certified safety laboratory and an effective safety team. It has a clear understanding of the differences between the old and new regulations (see Annex 1). While in the prototype stage, power supply products will be subject to a safety checklist to ensure that the power supply product can quickly pass the new IEC/EN 62368-1 standard.

Differences Between the Old and New Regulations:

60950-1 62368-1
(Vdc) 60Vdc ES1≦60Vdc



Dangerous Voltage

(Vpeak Or Vrms)

42.4Vpeak ES1≦30Vrms、42.4Vpeak



X-cap. Discharge <37% after 1 sec

0.1uF or Less No Test

C≧0.3uF:<60Vpeak after 2 sec

C≧0.17uF:<75Vpeak after 2 sec

C≧0.09uF:<100Vpeak after 2 sec

Discharge Discharge Component Failure

Not Considered

It must be short-circuit or open circuit < 60Vpeak after 2sec

Leak Resistance

No special requirements

Recommends use of certified materials

Distance (Elevation 5,000m)

Clearance 6.0mm

Creepage 6.0mm

Clearance 4.5mm

Creepage 5.0mm

Electric strength






Primary-Ground Y-Cap. Use Y1ⅹ1 or Y2ⅹ1 Y1ⅹ1 or Y2ⅹ2

(products over 150Vac)

Conductor Size

Minimum 18AWG

Current Rating Below 3A can use 20AWG

Protective ground conductor size

Unspecified size below 16A

3A:22AWG min.

6A:20AWG min.

10A:18AWG min.

16A:16AWG min.

More than 15W wire requirements

Only UL requires VW-1 grade wire

Use 60332 or 60950 Test approved wire

Fireproof housing

V-1 V-0

Shell temperature (Normal conditions)

Plastic: 95°C Metal: 70°C At Max. ambient temperature

Plastic: 94°C Metal: 70°C (<1s)
Plastic: 77°C Metal: 60°C (>1 s and <10s)

At 25°C ambient temperature

Shell temperature (Abnormal state)

No requirement

Plastic: 104°C Metal: 80°C (<1s)
Plastic: 87°C Metal: 70°C (>1 s and <10s)

At 25°C ambient temperature