【Consumer Electronics Power Supply】EMC challenge under the trend of miniaturization

As technology advances, consumer electronics tend to have lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller designs, due to space limitations. Therefore, in the process of miniaturization, the challenge lies in how to ensure product reliability and conform to relevant international standards.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of electronic devices and parts to work normally around electromagnetic wave sources. This means that every electromagnetic source or interfering device must keep noise energy within a certain level and that every device must be sufficiently shielded against electromagnetic interference in the environments.

EMC includes Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) and Electromagnetic interference.

EMS(Electromagnetic Susceptibility): The ability of electronic products to resist external noise and avoid external interference.

EMI(Electromagnetic interference ): Interference caused by electromagnetic noise from electronic products. It can affect other devices through radiated emission or conducted emission.

The international standards of EMS/EMI for power devices are listed as below:

Due to the demand for miniaturization, there are many problems to solve, among which, the layout within a space has a critical effect on the EMC reliability of a product.

Asian Power Devices have shown superior performance in the fields of internet communications, medicine, consumer electronics, and more. To ensure EMC reliability, each product has been designed with optimal wiring layout, minimal safety distance, protection strategies, and other specifications, in order to fulfill our demand for quality.

Asian Power Devices always insists on good quality. The products we develop not only meet international standards but also perform well above the required level. Our standard products must meet Surge 6kV, ESD (8kV/15kV), and EMI -6dB designs. This guarantees the EMC[HE1]  stability of our product. Additionally, we also offer customized designs that perform above the international standard; satisfying our client’s demands for higher quality.