【Consumer Electronics Power Supply】APD new generation cost effective printer power supply

As the demand for bar code printing increases, the global thermal printer market has also gained impressive growth in the last few years.

Because of their fast print speed, clear resolution, low noise levels, ease of use, thermal printers have been widely used in bar code printing. Bar codes printed with thermal printers adhere to the packaging. It can be used to track product information and effectively and accurately track a product, greatly reducing human error and labor cost. According to investigations carried out by research institutions, the value of the global thermal printer market will exceed 4.5 billion USD by the end of 2028. The market is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2018 to 2028.

To adapt to the rapid market development, Asian Power Devices has launched a new generation of 60W cost effective printer power supply: DA-60H24.

The power supply complies with the IEC-60950 information technology equipment safety standard and the integrated safety standard IEC-62368; which will be implemented in 2020. With complete safety certifications from various nations, it can assist the client’s product to quickly dominate specific markets.


The power input component can adapt to global electrical grid voltages from 90 to 264Vac and it utilizes the classic IEC C14 power outlet. The output voltage is 24Vdc, which complies with mainstream printer requirements in the market. In terms of energy efficiency, it adheres to the DOE VI efficiency and the EU CoC Tier 2 standards, which is currently the most rigorous standard; making the product even more energy efficient. Regarding safety, the new generation products are also equipped with OCP, SCP, OVP, OTP and several other protective features. It also complies with L.P.S standards. The new generation products can work continuously under 45℃ environments without failure. Each indicator falls within the regulatory guidelines.

Furthermore, in regards to the most important peak power feature for printers, Asian Power Devices’ new power supply uses a unique design. Compared to the last generation power supplies with the same size, the peak power has been increased by 15%, reaching 6 times the maximum load power. The increase in peak power can give the printer more excess power, providing a more uniform printing color and greatly reducing the malfunction rate during use. At the same time, the power supply is equipped with an adjustable OLP timer function, allowing for more client customization depending on the printer.