Green Design and Management

In order to reduce the impact future products might have against Earth and our living environment, Asian Power Devices Inc. has already been paying attention to the potential harms to the environment during its design phase. To achieve this goal, Asian Power Devices Inc. has included hazardous substance management and easy recycling, disassembly, and low energy consumption to its design standards. Therefore, besides being in accordance with global regulations like RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals), we proactively convey every regulation to the supply chain to prevent any hazardous substances from being added to the components. We also work in accordance with global regulations like WEEE, ErP, Energy Star and voluntary standards to proactively invest and develop each green design technique on our products, hoping to greatly reduce the impact the products may have on the environment.

For the thorough implementation of green supply chain management, we at Asian Power Devices Inc. not only puts effort into the environmental management and related training programs of our interior, we also care about supplier management by encouraging the suppliers to bear environmental and social responsibilities as well. Therefore, we established our own green standards and requirements to restrict our suppliers to a certain degree. This is to make sure that the suppliers will do their parts in raising the green level of the product life cycle, and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities during production management.

The GPM LIGHT Green Supply Chain Management System was introduced in 2010, which established a standard green management procedure for Asian Power Devices Inc. and our supply chain, helping us control the information of green products. Through the establishment of The GPM LIGHT Green Supply Chain Management System, we are able to build a circulating channel of information, and test reports, commitment letters and supplement facts can be easily proposed within the supply chain. Green information is shared in real-time, and work is synchronized. This reduces non-environmentally friendly ratio and the test costs.

In our daily management, we use (X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, XRF)  to run our tests on materials and hazardous substances, and monitor the conditions of hazardous substances in each segment. This is our corporate social responsibility for the environment.

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