【Medical power supply】Wide adaptability of the power supply of home medical equipment to the power supply network

Life quality and home healthcare become highly valued as the economic level has risen. Home medical equipment is the best trend and choice for people who care about home healthcare. Users of home medical equipment do not have professional knowledge when it comes to operating medical equipment, and the home environment is different from a medical institution. The conditions of the power supply, temperature and humidity are not fixed. The voltage of the power supply network might be unstable in remote areas or during peak hours.

Therefore, people must pay more attention to special safety, equipment instructions and warnings when using home medical equipment. In this context, IEC TC62 SC62A released the first version of IEC 60601-1-11:2010 on April 1, 2010. This standard concerns the requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical equipment in home environments. The corresponding universal standard is IEC 60601-1:2005. This standard defines the home healthcare environment as the residence of the patient and other places the patient might visit, such as outdoors, cars, buses, trains and ships. Power supply requirements for the power supply network specified in IEC 60601-1-11:2010 apply the properties of the power supply specified in the universal standard. The following has been added to the power supply requirements:

For equipment or systems not used for life support, voltage fluctuations between phase lines or between phase and ground lines are between 85% and 110% of nominal voltage.

For life support or resuscitation equipment or systems, voltage fluctuations between phase lines or between phase and ground lines are between 80% and 110% of nominal voltage.

Voltage range of power supply network Acceptable value
Range of nominal voltage 100~240Vac
Maximum voltage range 90~264Vac
Maximum voltage range of non-life-support equipment at home 85~264Vac
Maximum voltage range of life support or resuscitation equipment at home 80~264Vac

This indicates that the power supply of medical equipment must have high adaptability for the maximum voltage range of the power supply network above. Within this range, any voltage input can be activated and function normally. In practice, a power supply with an input voltage below 80Vac can adapt to higher voltage fluctuations of the power supply network and provides higher reliability.

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