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Asian Power Devices Inc.

Introduces New Cost-effective Power Supply


Asian Power Devices Inc. has developed a new series of cost-effective power supply called Spearhead in response to the market demand. This product series can be widely applied to network communication and consumer type products. In the network communication field, Spearhead products are generally used for router, hubs, modems, IAD, and IP phones. For information type devices, Spearhead is mainly used for externally connected storage devices, set-up boxes, and tablet computers.

More advanced development technology

While Spearhead power supply series conform to customer specifications and requirements, we are also continuously advancing our development and optimization to ensure that the quality and the cost of the product are able to reach a perfect balance. Compared to the previous generation of products, Spearhead series products are 30% smaller. The specifications have also been updated to meet the customers’ diverse design requirements.

Conforming to international safety standards

Spearhead series products have a full range of safety certifications. These products are sold in over 90 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Britain, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Mexico, France, India, Argentina, Thailand, and South Korea.

Spearhead products also conform to the newest EU COC Tier 2 energy efficiency regulations and DOE level VI regulations in the Americas. Spearhead products conform to the latest integrated IEC62368-1 safety standards.

For reliability, surge function not only conforms to ITU-T K.21 standards, but can be expanded to differential mode 6KV and common mode 6KV specifications. This can meet the needs of tropical countries and regions that have frequent lightning strikes. ESD function can also satisfy 15KV/8KV high-end market standards. In addition, Spearhead products have multiple electrical performance protection function such as SCP, OVP, and OCP protection. This provides safer power supply guarantee for customers’ systems.

Customer demand is our design focus

Asian Power Devices has always adhered to customer service principles, and our products are designed based on the customers’ system application. Regarding previously discovered compatibility problems, we have left design margins in the new generation of products to solve customers’ compatibility and testing problems.

The new generation of Spearhead series products also continues the peak load design to solve startup problems for externally connected storage devices. Through design adjustments, customers are able to easily pass network communication product ISN testing, as well as to better solve telecom quality and telecom noise problems for the end users.

Furthermore, the core transformer for the Spearhead series products uses automatic winding process for better consistency and EMI quality guarantee. While the individual product conforms to EN55022 EMI compatibility standards, we also reserved more adjustment space for customer systems to reduce EMI testing time, so that customers can rapidly pass EMI certification tests.

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