Lithium-ion UPS

Asian Power Devices (APD)’s UPS business team has more than 20 years of R&D expertise. The company’s innovative technical advantage in power supply R&D has made it a long-standing strategic partner for international manufacturers in Europe, USA and Japan. APD specializes in providing customized UPS design and manufacturing service for clients.

High Core Technology Small and Light
APD Lithium-ion UPS

In recent years, APD has developed a series of Lithium-ion UPS products that can be adopted in a wide range of applications such as medical equipment, industrial automation, security monitoring, transportation and other relevant fields, providing stable and quality power management solutions for clients.

The features of lithium-ion UPS products include long product life and high temperature-resistance compared with the traditional lead-acid UPS. APD’s lithium-ion UPS is designed to be small and light. Its size is reduced by a stunning 53% compared to other competitors within the industry. Aesthetically, the product has a more compact design, coupled with a battery management system (BMS), as well as sophisticated double protection with SOH and SOC calculations; providing the most comprehensive lithium battery control and protection mechanism.

APD’s lithium-ion UPS product series have obtained the UL 1973 safety certification, which can be widely applied in various industries. Global customers have successfully deployed our products in medical equipment, industrial automation, security monitoring and transportation. The product features high stability, high reliability, as well as small and light specifications to meet clients’ requirements for a high-quality lithium-ion UPS. It is currently the best choice of backup power systems today.

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